"You don't have to travel around the world to understand that the sky is blue everywhere."
- Goethe -

Our origin

Floris Groeneveld started BlueSky Projectmanagement 5 years ago. After his study Maritime Technology at the TU Delft, Floris worked as a project advisor in several engineering projects in the industry and shipbuilding. It striked him that there is a lot of know-how and expertise in the engineering process, but when it comes to managing projects this is mainly done based on feeling instead of hard facts. Only when the project is ready you can say whether it was profitable or not because during the project there is a lack of insight in time, resources and progress.

His amazement about the lack of effective project management processes (insight and control) made him decide to start his own company to advice companies about this and support them on this.

In the last few years BlueSky Projectmanagement has increased his number of employees to 7 people. Each of them with their own specialty on one of the aspects of project management and planning processes. Our slogan: ‘do what you love to do than you get what you need’ is the foundation of our internal view. Everyone is challenged to work on their own personal development and together build on the growth and success of BlueSky Projectmanagement. We want to be an organization on which you can be proud of to work for.